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Location:California, United States of America

Friendship marks a life even more deeply than love. Love risks degenerating into obsession, friendship is never anything but sharing.
- Elie Wiesel

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at the drive-in, bats, billy corgan's incredible arrogance, boys in green tunics, buffy and spike, candy, captain planet, cherry flavoring, cookies, daria, dark-in-the-not-light-sense-not-the-goth-sense, day of the tentacle, definitely not x-files fanfiction, diesel sweeties, dinosaur comics, dinosaurs, division day, edward norton, feitunge, fingerpainting, fresh choice/souplantation, fruit snacks, getting made fun of, grape flavoring, hanson, horror films, in the bed disco, interpretive dancing, james spader, junk food, jurassic park, kuci, libraries, little kids, luke skywalker, macaroni and cheese, maggie gyllenhaal, moulin rouge, mr. melching, neil gaiman, norwegian people, omgtaylorhansonomg, pirates, pizza, play-doh, pterodactyls, purple, r2d2, radiohead, robin hood, san jose, science fiction, scully and mulder looooove, sexy tiems, shippers, snickerdoodles, subpop, sugar, sunny day real estate, tadanobu asano, target, the legend of zelda, the name peter, the x-files, three-legged dogs, trog dor, unkle, unresolved sexual tension, very small things, watergun fights, writing dances, x-philes
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